Candi Bar: Montréal’s New Grown-up Treat

May 2010


Ladies, say hello to Candi Bar, the latest brainchild of Paulo Branco, owner of the already legendary Montreal bars: Gogo Lounge and Chez Serge Bar. Made out of 80,000 pink and purple Mega Bloks (Canada’s legos), Candi Bar is hands down the ultimate nightlife destination for any gal who appreciates original drinks and playful design.

And you know if all the girls are going, logically, that means it will also be celebrated by the boys. Let’s see how long it takes them to start sipping on slushy pink cocktails!

MontrealCandybar-stools_300Candi Bar’s specialty cocktails come in ten different flavors of slush (grape, orange, cherry and more) and are presented on a giant lollipop-shaped menu. After a fair amount of debating, my choice of drink was the Tiffany & Co. Ingredients? Raspberry Smirnoff Vodka, Blue Caraçao and Raspberry slush. Topped with a ringpop. Sweet bliss.

Ok, so maybe going for the blue slush isn’t such a good idea when you’re trying to make an impression on that hotty sitting next to you (blue lips). My advice would be, rock the colored lips with confidence. MAC lipstick has nothing on Candi Bar’s palette when it comes to fun and delicious colors.

For drink number two, I went with the Sushi cocktail: vodka, lychee liquor and lemon slush. Served with chopsticks to fish the candy shark and octopus swimming at the bottom of the glass. (Don’t worry, there’s no raw fish involved).

MontrealCandybar-table_300I started singing along to Lily Allen, ordered my third cocktail and guess what? My bladder needed some appeasing.

They say you can always judge an establishment from its toilettes, so what does it mean when one of the stalls in the girls’ bathroom comprises two toilet seats facing each other? It means there might be some crazy line-up action as girls throw lets-pee-together-and-chat-about-boys-in-the-bathroom-stall parties….but that doesn’t matter. Betty Boop is playing on the flat screen TV and I’m enjoying this most perfect powder room to the fullest.

As for the circus-inspired men’s bathroom…do they make these sur mesure?

Also worth pointing out are the tables adorned with candy machines and the purple-legged stools, which are a source of much entertainment when you observe someone sitting on them from the back.

As you may have guessed by now, I’m very excited about Candi Bar. It brings out the child in us and makes us smile, for no apparent reason. That, to me, is precious. That, to me, is what nightlife should be about: FUN!

Cyndi Lauper is coming to town on July 4 for the Montreal Jazz Fest. For some reason, I can easily imagine her after-party happening here…

Candi Bar

1148 avenue Mont-Royal East

Montreal, QC H2J 1X8

(514) 524-4075

Mont-Royal Metro

2 thoughts on “Candi Bar: Montréal’s New Grown-up Treat

  1. WOuha, cela fait 3 mois que je suis à Montréal, je suis de Paris et j’arrive la bas un dimanche soir pour justement la soirée ***** I’M FRENCH, je dois avouer qu’en plus que le candi bar soit jolie et unique par son concept, nous avons passé notre plus belle soirée à Montréal avec un DJ incroyable, un staff très jolie et efficace. Nous revenons la semaine prochaine c’est sur, Vive le CANDI BAR

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