Essential Gear for Winter Adventure Travel

March 2016

Cross Country Skiing Algonquin Park

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Packing Essentials for Cold Weather Adventure Travel

Before my Winter Digital Detox Adventure, our host for this epic trip, Voyageur Quest, kindly supplied us with a list of essential gear for any cold weather adventure travel. We have made it even easier for you, by sourcing all the needed items on Click the links in the list to check out the stylish but WARM stuff we picked for our winter adventure. One stop shopping babe!

Voyageur Quest’s List of What You Need to Bring for Cold Weather

Cute Boots for a Winter Hike

Winter boots work better than hiking boots because warmth is more important than support. Boots with a removal inner liner work best, as the inside of a boot often gets wet and can be dried overnight. A women’s Sorel Snow Lion Boot* is an example of such a boot. If you are going dog sledding, try to get a boot that isn’t too heavy as mushing involves some running.

* Ok, we have to admit, Sorel Snow Lion boots are NOT stylish, we bought these, and they were warm, dry and pretty!

Warm Winter Clothes to Keep You Toasty

Avoid cotton! It does not offer any warmth when wet. A layering system works best! You might be warm/hot when moving and cooling down rapidly while stopping for lunch. Polyesters, wool, and fleece make excellent winter fibers and you can adjust your body temperatures easily by removing or adding layers!

• The first layer (next to your skin) wicks perspiration away from your skin leaving you warm and dry – (polyester)

• The second layer(s) provide insulation. They need to retain your body heat and yet not restrict movement- (Pile and Synchilla)

• The third layer offers protection from the wind. A tight weave nylon or 60/40 (cotton/nylon blend) is also very good. The more windproof a garment, the less breathable it will be.

• The fourth layer offers the most insulation and is worn when you are inactive. An insulated third layer will also do the job.

Specific Clothing Items

Layer One: Long underwear (top and bottom) – preferably polyester, cappeline, or lycra

Layer Two: Warm sweater or jacket – wool or fleece

Layer Three: pants

Lots of wool socks

Warm wool or fleece hat or other face protection

Warm mitts and UV sunglasses.

Other Important Items

It is also a good idea to bring a pair of warm socks or cute slippers for inside.

A small knapsack is great for day trips on skis and snowshoes.

A water bottle is a must!

Finally, please bring a towel ( for the shower ) and headlamp or flashlight for inside at night.

Check out our Girls Gear Page and discover more cool travel essentials!

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