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We’re still brand spankin’ new so we’re offering a bunch of very competitive advertising opportunities to help get things rolling. Once we get you hooked, we’re sure you’ll come back for more. Here’s what we have to offer:

Run of site

  1. 250×300 (Big Box – image only)
  2. 234×60 (Half Banner – text or image)
  3. Travel DEAL (contextual text & thumbnail in sidebar + landing page)

Home page only

  1. 728×90 (Leaderboard – image only)
  2. 180×150 (Small box – text or image )

Please note when providing your text ad for the “Small box” or run of site “Half banner” it must follow these limitations: 30 characters for the first line (linked headline), 40 characters for the second and third lines of text, and 40 characters for your display URL.

Reserve the Feature Getaway Idea position on!

You can sponsor a Feature Getaway Idea for a reasonable cost of $200US per month which will display your campaign at the top of the Getaway Idea Main Page. A Featured Getaway Idea advertising space is also available on each of the Getaway Ideas sub sections (Spa, Beach, Ski, Shopping, Adventure, Cruise) for a lower cost of $100US per month. Both options include a landing page of your very own. This is a very economical way to promote and highlight your content on our site. It’s something like an advertorial which means it can contain any amount of content or imagery or even a video. It is important for our brand to look consistent throughout the site, so we will need to format the page from a look and feel perspective, but we’re confident that we can accommodate just about anything you’d like to use this page for.

Your Feature Getaway Idea will be linked to from two places:

  1. It will appear as an excerpt at the top of the Getaway Ideas page, and will include an image, and or your logo, along with the excerpt itself. The excerpt ends in a “read more” link that, when clicked, results in the Feature Getaway Idea landing page itself.
  2. It will also appear as an excerpt with a thumbnail in the Travel DEALS sidebar widget on relevant pages (and will link to the landing page when clicked)

Contact us

If you would like to know more about what we can do to help you achieve your advertising goals, or if you just think we’re great and want to let us know, please tell us a little bit about who you are, and what your goals are, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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