Antique Shopping in Montreal

December 2009


Notre-Dame Street is Montreal’s antique shopping haven. A stroll between Guy and Atwater will take you on a walk back in time with more than 50 antique shops populating a one mile stretch, making it one of Canada’s highest concentrations of antiques and decoration shops.

So whether you are a serious collector or just looking for small attic treasures, Notre-Dame Street is a destination to put on your agenda when visiting Montreal!

Antiques add flavour to any home. Even modern spaces win from a little touch from the past. Personally, I like small collectibles, which are bountiful on Notre-Dame Street, in addition to a very vast array of larger treasures and furniture. From early Canadiana, Antiquity to Edwardian or more contemporary and Art Deco, Montreal antique dealers have it all.

I started my stroll on the corner of Notre-Dame Street and Guy, heading West, towards Atwater. You can also do the opposite and start your antique shopping experience on the corner of Notre-Dame Street and Atwater, heading East towards Guy. This might be particularly interesting if you are coming out of the Lionel-Groulx Metro Station, which is on Atwater. Here is a very helpful map of the MONTREAL ANTIQUE QUARTER .

If you like Asian artefacts, make sure you stop by Oriental Treasures (1894 Notre-Dame W).  They specialize in antiques found in the sea, such as shipwrecked ceramic and nephrite jades. The advantage of items found in the sea is that they are 100% genuine. Plus, the treasures from this store have been featured in National Geographic, and are only distributed in Montreal. In the back of the store, many Buddhist relics from Tibet and China.

Right next door is L’Écuyer Antiques (1896 Notre-Dame W), a soulful shop that specializes in old suitcases and canes, available for purchase or rent (seen on the top photograph).

Closer to Atwater is l’Antiquaire (2451 Notre-Dame W) which has a stunning selection of furniture from France and England. For chandeliers and lamps, I strongly recommend Grand Central  (2448 Notre-Dame). Owner Gordon and Wayne Downs specialize in lighting and have a huge selection of 18th and 19th century lamps, chandeliers and furniture to choose from (seen on the photograph above).

But most of all, follow your instincts, freely go in and out of all these mini-museums, interact with the charming characters that often own these boutiques and keep your eyes open for other treasures along the way. Some of my personal favs are BEIGE BOUTIQUE and ERA VINTAGE, one of my top fashion destinations in Montreal!

Let me know what you find!!!

Antique Shopping on Notre-Dame Street W.

Between Guy and Atwater

Metro Lionel-Groulx

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  1. One of my first shopping trips ever was in Montreal. Since then I have always thought of it as the ultimate shopping destination. I just loved it there. Thanks for the information. Next time I go back, I will check out some of the antique shops.

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