Planning the Ultimate Las Vegas Girls’ Getaway

October 2009

girlJumpHere’s a secret about Las Vegas that not many people know: this is a woman’s town. For every stereotypical bachelor party, there’s a group of girls partying twice as hard.

My girlfriends and I know this, and that’s the reason why Las Vegas is always our first choice for a getaway. From the moment our plane touches down in Sin City, we’re ready to go, dressed up and primped, bypassing the long cab line in favor of our limo. We cruise down the Strip, blasting music and sipping champagne, as we gaze at the bright lights and crowds. Our first night always includes dinner at a chic restaurant and dancing at a hot club – perhaps Sushisamba and Tryst, respectively – before finally hitting the sheets at 4:00 AM. Now, that’s how you start a weekend in Vegas.

There are lots of ways to plan a Vegas getaway, but there are a few tips that every group of girls should know. Here’s how to take a trip to the next level.

The Best Group

First of all, be careful who you invite. Bring your closest friends – you’re going to be making incredible memories, and you don’t want them to miss out. But whatever you do, don’t invite the girl who had a recent breakup, the girl on an airtight budget, or the annoying girl who drives you crazy but you’re friends with anyway. You know the type. Don’t invite her just to be nice. Think she’s bad at home? She’ll be worse in Vegas. Stick with three to five of your best drama-free girlfriends. Trust me.

Set up Shop

82706-22BA group of fabulous girls deserves the hotel of a lifetime – and Vegas hotels are not lacking in fabulosity. Your hotel’s amenities and location will affect the tone of your entire trip, so choose wisely.

Want to rub elbows with celebrities? Go to the Palms, which is always crawling with A-listers. Desire opulent luxury and unsurpassed service? Choose the gorgeous, pristine Wynn. Live for fashion? The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace will make you weep with joy…until you see the Shoppes at the Palazzo.

But wherever you choose, don’t even think about splitting up your group. The one time my girls and I split our group between two hotels, it took 25 minutes to get from our room to theirs – and we were staying across the street from each other! This is one time when you need to stay as close as possible.

Laugh Hard

83429-17There are enough activities in Vegas to keep you occupied for months, but there are two that I believe should be on every girl’s itinerary.

The first is Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. It always surprises me that Madame Tussaud’s doesn’t get much attention from the guides. It’s a shame, because this is probably the most fun activity you can do in Vegas during the day. Put on a wedding gown and marry George Clooney, swing from a pole with Britney Spears, or simply do what my friends and I do – pose inappropriately with as many statues as possible.

The second is Chippendales. This world-famous show is a lot funnier than it is sexy, but god, do those men have gorgeous bodies! Just know that if you volunteer to go on stage, you will have men all over you in ways of which you’ve only fantasized.

Best of all, both of these activities are cheap. Same-day tickets for both Madame Tussaud’s and Chippendales are available for 50% off at the Tix 4 Tonight booths that dot the Strip.

Make the Scene

82959-1But Sin City heats up once the sun goes down, and this is when power really shifts into your favor. Groups of women are highly sought after by club promoters, who aim for a high women-to-men club ratio. There is no reason why a group of girls should ever have to wait in line at a club. Period.

At the very minimum, you should call the afternoon of the day you plan to go and get your group on the guestlist. If you learn of club promoters through friends, the web or while walking the Strip, that’s even better. Just make sure you’re on someone’s list.

Whether you decide to dance underneath exploding fireballs at Rain at the Palms, a waterfall at Tryst at the Wynn, or hundreds of Buddha statues at Tao at the Venetian, one thing is certain: these clubs will stun you with their glamour. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, because once the music gets going, you’ll be dancing till dawn.


By the time your Vegas getaway is winding down, your body will be fatigued from a toxic combination of casino smoke, alcohol and lack of sleep. A day at the spa is the perfect way to recover – not to mention laugh and gossip about the past few days with your girls!

Make spa reservations at the same time at least a month before you go. While most hotels have spas, you can’t go wrong with Spa Bellagio at the Bellagio or Canyon Ranch SpaClub at the Venetian and the Palazzo, which have plenty of spacious areas for small groups.

By the time you leave the spa and head to the airport, you and your friends will be agonizing over one question: how soon can you return?

That’s the thing about Vegas – it’s one addictive destination. And each trip is better than the last.

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  1. Great Las Vegas tips! I’ll have to try out Madame Toussaud’s the next time I visit. And soo true about inviting the right friends!

  2. Great article Kate! Makes me want to make a reservation and jump on a plane this weekend!

  3. Great Tips! I wish I had read this article a few days ago because of course I invited the friend with an airtight budget and she is driving me insane!

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