SlideShow: Meet Fairmont’s Dog Ambassadors

September 2011

Fairmont Resorts

Traveling can be tons of fun but, if you’re like me, you may find yourself craving the doggie comforts of home. You’re in desperate need of a sweet puppy cuddle; you’d even welcome a gross but lovely lick fix. Fairmont Resorts understands and has delivered the perfect solution; the line of luxury 5 star hotels has its own inhouse canine dream team.

During my visit to Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City, I did some serious bonding time with Santol, the hotel’s canine ambassador and found out that many of Fairmont Resorts have a dog in residence. The dogs meet and greet guests, and serve as the perfect companion for women looking for extra security on walks or runs in an unfamiliar city.

Lucy Izon from Canada Cool is also a big fan of Santol, here’s her video visit with Santol and the Chateau in Quebec City.

Meet the rest of Fairmont’s Canine pack in our sweet doggie slideshow.

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