Mint Julep Cocktail Recipe

January 2019

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Mint Julep Cocktails

Sometimes you just need to have a mint julep, we love sipping this potent cocktail whenever we’re missing the southern charms of Savannah, Georgia.

If you’re like us and can’t make it out to Savannah any time soon, mix up your own Mint Julep at home with this recipe from Elizabeth on 37th, a gorgeous restaurant in one of the town’s historic mansions.

Mint Julep Recipe


10 stems fresh mint


2 cups simple syrup

Hand-crushed ice

Kitchen Materials:

2 quart container


Stirring utensil

To make infused bourbon:

Pour bourbon into container

Use scissors to cut mint stems into one-once segments, including stems

Add all snipped mint into bourbon

Add about 1/3rd as much simple syrup as bourbon

Stir well

Let this mixture sit for four weeks.

To serve your Mint Julep:

Chill a glass or silver mint julep cup

Shave 2 cups ice, preferably by hand

Overfill glass with ice

Pour infused bourbon over ice until the glass is nearly full

Add mint leaf

With your chilled mint julep in hand, head out to your back veranda and sit a spell while sipping this lovely concoction.