Serenity Found at Serene Villas, Seminyak Bali

February 2014


It was raining when we landed in Bali, but within seconds of exiting the airport our driver from the villa found us, handed each of us an umbrella, and shepherded us to the car for our hour-long trip to Seminyak.

We were hot, tired and now instantly overwhelmed with the colorful, crowded busyness of Seminyak streets. The town is bursting at the seams with thousands of fashion shops, restaurants, and tourist babbles, I was beginning to doubt that we were going to find the tranquility we were seeking in Bali.

Then the car turned into a tiny quiet laneway. Instead of pavement, the path was lined with emerald green moss, it felt cooler, the atmosphere quieter, we passed by the softly beautiful stone walls of several private villas that lined the lane, then the car stopped.

We found it. Serenity. And it was all ours. Serene Villas, our new home for the week.

We stayed in the Garden Villa, spending much of our time in the spacious open-air living area or in our small but ‘big enough for just us’ private pool. The modern Balinese décor made the villa feel both luxurious and comfortable, each of the three air-conditioned bedrooms were spacious and came with an attached bath. We fell in love with it all, the luxury of the space, the staff, the indulgence of relaxation and serenity.

Here are a few of my favorite Serene Villa things:

The house and grounds

Serene Villas in Seminyak Bali

The staff

Trisha and Arnata took wonderful care of us during our stay. They were kind, hardworking and served an awesome breakfast each morning.

Serene Villa Staff

The breakfast

Each morning we woke up to the quiet sounds of breakfast being prepared for us downstairs. We would wander into the dining area once the smells became too delicious to resist. Each breakfast seemed to be better than the last, Trisha and Arnata would figure out day by day what we loved and what we didn’t love so much. Nutella, omelettes, fresh fruit, and croissants, tailor made breakfast bliss was found.

Bali Breakfast at Serene Villas in Seminyak


This you must do. No questions. Order the BBQ feast for one of your nights in, sit back and enjoy. You can thank me later.

Bali Villa BBQ

The pool

Private pool in our Seminyak Villa

We lived in the pool, I wanted to pack it up and bring it home with me.

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