Getting Your Mind (and Body) Right at Reset Retreat – Belize

Reset Retreat Belize

Long gone are the days that men in their 50’s driving a red over-priced sports car are the only ones going through some sort of mid-life crisis. I’m just 33 and I’ve gone through at least five life-crises and for a while it was easy to categorize them as quarter-life crises and then it was the I’m-30-and-freaking-out life crisis, but I’ve quickly learned that these scary life moments and pondering everything you’ve ever done and are ever going to do can happen to anyone at anytime.

Perhaps that’s the new Murphy’s Law for women. And it sucks.

A few months ago I posted something on my personal blog about a new kind of trip I learned about – The Reset Retreat. There are a few requirements to attend Reset Retreat, which takes place in the beautiful crystal clear watered Ambergris Caye, Belize. For starters, you have to be a female as it’s a women’s retreat. Secondly – and most importantly – you have to have an open mind.

Reset Retreat Belize

It’s a pretty unique experience to take a trip (especially to a foreign country) with 15 complete and utter strangers. No one has any preconceived notions about you; no one is holding a grudge, and no one knows anything about you – except what you want them to.

During my week in Belize with these beautiful women (many of which I now refer to as family), I learned a lot about life, a lot about myself, and a lot about what needs to change in my life to hopefully avoid these pitfalls commonly known as “life crises” moving forward.

Even a month after returning, I still can’t put my finger on why this trip was so impactful for me, but I think there are a few things I can attribute it to. I was in an open place in my life, ready for love, ready for advice, and most of all – ready to make changes. That is a tough place to be in and like many things in life, sometimes it’s all about timing. I knew I wasn’t happy with stuff going on in my life and that I had to be the one to actively make changes. No one else could do that for me. I landed in Belize with that exact mindset, which I think was helpful.

I also have to give credit to the four founders of Reset Retreat – they knew they had crafted a magic little recipe for a heartwarming and life changing trip. They brought in one of the best yogis I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting (Rachelle Wintzen of The Chi Junky, they set us up at a great property at Portofino, they put together an action packed itinerary, which included beach time, resting time (head for the hammocks!), and even some volunteer time where we visited a local school and hung out with some of the sweetest and most loving kids. It was a simple reminder to be present in your actions because these kids felt they were on top of the world while we were there playing games with them, which is ironic, because they made us feel as if we were on top of the world.

Reset Retreat Belize

Prior to arriving in Belize, guests were emailed a link to a personality test (which was later discussed in detail with a life coach to help provide some actionable advice), questions about important people and moments in our lives – those were all things that help set the tone for the trip. Doing a little bit of soul searching and journaling before even packing my bags helped me zone in on what parts of my life needed attention the most.

It was a well-balanced trip – a lot of tears were shed, a lot of wine was drank, a lot of secrets and hugs were shared and more than anything – acceptance and love was a theme throughout the week. After all, what kind of girls getaway doesn’t have a lot of love and acceptance as part of it?

The next Reset Retreat is set for November 4 – 9 in Belize. Even if you can’t make the trip (though I highly recommend you do everything you can to make it), you should definitely follow their blog – it’s full of inspiration and probably the next best thing to a week in paradise.