Girls Trip to Havana Cuba

February 2019

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Thinking about visiting Havana Cuba for a girls’ getaway? Sure, the guidebooks say you could fill your days with historical sites and little else. But if retro cars, sleek clubs and trendy neighborhoods are more your scene, a deliciously exciting city awaits. Here are the best things to do on a girls’ trip to Havana Cuba.

Old Havana

The old quarter is a favorite of Havana visitors, and it’s not hard to see why: cobblestone, car-free streets give way to the beautiful squares in every direction. Lately, the Havana Vieja has become more upscale, with gorgeously renovated buildings looking polished and elegant nestled against old ruins. But even so, the neighborhood retains its character, with cigar smoking woman dressed in bright 1950’s outfits and groups of musicians on most corners belting out Buena Vista songs. And remember: no visit to old Havana is complete without an ice cream from Helado’oro!

Best Selfie Ever with Havana’s Old Fifties Cars

Old Havana is a selfie paradise but the ultimate Cuba selfie has to be posing with a gorgeous pink or aquamarine fifties auto. You can hire a driver to take you on a whirlwind tour of the city or you can just drape yourself over the car for that ultimate Havana shot, we’ve done both. I’m not really a car fan but it was pretty spectacular to cruise the streets of Havana in a ruby red convertible.

Havana’s Cool, Hip Vedado Neighborhood

Visitors rarely venture out of Havana’s old quarter, but there is so much more to this fun city! Vedado is where all of Havana hangs out; the tree-line mansion-filled streets are filled with trendy restaurants, artist galleries and one of the best clubs in the city.

If you want to see the best of Havana’s music and art scene you have to visit Vedado’s Fabrica Del Arte. The former cooking oil factory has been converted to Havana’s most popular music and art venue. The venue’s website describes Fabrica Del Arte (FAC) as “It is a great laboratory for interdisciplinary creation that presents the best of contemporary art in Cuba, with a strong social and community focus. An old oil mill transformed into a general space that opens to the exchange between various art forms that coexist in the same building. FAC is an artistic project driven by the need to rescue, support and promote the work of artists from all branches of art: theater, music, dance, theater, visual arts, photography, fashion, graphic design and architecture.”

This place is sizzling hot, it works in a most spectacular way. Good art. Good food. So very good music.

What are your top things to do in Havana with your BFF’s? Drop us a line in comments and let us know!

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