The Coastal Charm of Hermosa Beach Includes the Beach House Hotel

Hermosa Beach Girlfriend Getaway

I had the luxurious pleasure of visiting Los Angeles three times this summer. The only problem is, LA isn’t really my scene (sorry y’all!). The traffic makes me feel like I’m having a coronary day in and day out, there are entirely too many options for good restaurants/bars and shopping to make a firm decision, and there is this internal need I have to wear the hottest and most expensive trends no matter what I’m doing or what I can afford. I understand that the nightlife and busy style of LA is attractive to most, but for me, I’m more of a beach-loving girl.

And there’s this awesome little place, just 6.8 miles south of LAX (which truthfully makes it about 25 minutes), Hermosa Beach. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but have you ever experienced it? Because if not, listen closely: YOU SHOULD.

Beach House Hotel Hermosa BeachHermosa Beach, in my eyes, is just about the greatest place on earth, so it stands to reason I’m not a hard gal to please when it comes to accommodations and hotel stays, and the Beach House Hotel hit right on the money. The beach town full of coastal charm is tucked away between the famed Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach and is home to many volleyball players, surfers, bikers, skateboarders and the like.

For starters, the Beach House Hotel boasts a completely relaxed environment, which is slightly different than what I had become accustomed to in other parts in and around LA. The 96 Ocean-suite boutique hotel provides a great locale complete with access to shops, the beach, a slew of restaurants and bars, and of course, the reason for it all – all the action on the beach, with volleyball nets sets up within steps of the hotel’s doors. Whether you play or watch the action, you’re sure to be in for a treat – any given weekend the beach plays host to some of the best pros in the world for tournaments, or you can try your hand at a lesson with the hotel’s local resident and former Olympic Gold Medalist.

Hermosa Beach VolleyballAnother bonus of the Beach House Hotel is once you’ve checked in, you’re exactly right where you want to be. Whether you park your car in the garage or cab it, you are literally steps away from sand between your toes and a room with floor to ceiling windows capturing the stunning panoramic views over the Pacific Ocean. The rooms also have spacious and private balconies overlooking The Strand, so even if you’re in need of a sun timeout, you can still enjoy the views and be part of the action. And if you’re doing more than a weekend getaway, you can really feel at home as the rooms come with wet bars, full sinks, microwaves and refrigerators, not to mention complimentary continental breakfast among many other amenities. (Note, refrigerators are really great if you plan on bringing Champagne on your trip, which you should. Remember that.)

The hotel, which opened in 1998, is located just one block south of the Pier Plaza, which offers a fun nightlight and plentiful barhopping within walking distance. If you’re a big fan of laughing (duh, who isn’t?), and you’re in the area on a Sunday night, you should check out the Comedy & Magic Club, where Jay Leno spends most of his Sunday nights trying out new jokes.

Hermosa Beach and the Beach House Hotel perfectly capture all the most amazing elements of Southern California into one perfect getaway, whether a romantic one or one filled with tons of your best girlfriends looking to escape the mundane routine. The Beach House Hotel makes you feel so relaxed and at home, that you almost forget it’s not your home until you get thrown back into reality of your daily grind.

So enjoy it while you can!

Jayme Lamm is a freelance writer and marketing consultant based in Houston focusing on travel writing and is in a full-court press writing her hugely opinionated sports column, The Blonde Side. Be sure to follow Jayme’s travel and sports adventures on Twitter @jaymelamm.