A Spa Treatment at Viceroy Snowmass is All Part of the Wanderlust Experience

I have always been and will always be a firm believer in taking care of yourself. That includes everything mentally, emotionally and of course physically. If you can’t tell by my extensive column here, I’m also a big fan of girls getaways, especially ones that can be had outdoors and incorporate some form of fitness elements to them.

Back in July, I checked out Wanderlust Snowmass-Aspen and had the best time. If you’ve never checked out a Wanderlust event, it’s one of the most jam-packed, soul-searching-and-finding and grounding experiences you’ll ever have. But after such a big weekend filled with hot yoga, aerial yoga, hip-hop yoga, guided nature trails, meditation, and a million other kinds of yoga, the body needs a break.

Viceroy Spa

That’s when I walked into the greatest sanctuary that exists in the Snowmass area – The Spa at Viceroy Snowmass. The 7,000-square-foot Viceroy Snowmass spa offers a selection of holistic wellness experiences, featuring six luxurious treatment rooms that will help relax all those sore yoga and traveling muscles. Another great feature of the spa is their meditative relaxation lounge where you can take in the soothing sound of falling water from the infinity pool and waterfall, which serves as the center of the spa.

Rochelle was my therapist during my visit, and I later found out she is one of the leading therapists at Viceroy Snowmass. She is trained in many of the signature rituals, with her favorite being The Ute Sundance Ritual, which is a unique treatment specifically to Viceroy.

The thing I loved most about Rochelle (other than her hands of course!) was her post-treatment care. It’s standard for the therapist to get you water afterwards and give a few tips, but Rochelle took some detailed time talking about my specific areas of pain and tenderness providing tips for when I returned home. Rochelle is a huge advocate for helping her clients find harmony within their bodies, minds, and spirits and works hard to ensure every part of your treatment is above and beyond what you’re used to.

The Spa at Viceroy Snowmass offers an array of “Massage Journeys” including the path to tranquility, the healer, a holistic retreat and many more that provide unique benefits to each guest. For a list of all their spa services, click here.

Pro tip: add the Moroccan Oil Scalp Treatment as a massage enhancer at the end of your treatment. I know, I know – we always want to keep our hair out of the way, but this is well worth having to rewash your hair, trust me.

Oh, and all spa services allow guests to use the beautiful outdoor pool with luxury lounge chairs and cabanas, which is a great spot to relax and grab a bite to eat from their extensive poolside menu and perhaps a few cocktails. Plug in your new favorite Pandora station or just take in the beautiful silence and call it a day. A very good day.

One last pro tip: be sure to leave yourself enough time to enjoy everything The Spa at Viceroy Snowmass has to offer. Don’t be afraid to ask your therapist specific questions so you can take as much luxury and wellness back home with you. A sixty or ninety-minute service can only last so long, but their tips can last a whole lot longer.