Kool Kulture in Kraków


Imagine wandering down ancient cobblestone streets as a violin plays off in the distance, peeking in tiny lane ways and dark corners to discover Krakow’s hidden lairs. I felt a little like Alice in Wonderland falling down the Rabbit Hole as I explored the endless cellars pubs and subterranean bars in this magical city called Krakow.

Krakow_1_300Krakow comes alive at night and finding a great hangout here is as difficult as shooting fish in a barrel. This is a city that’s made for bar hopping, and to my delight I found that the kind citizens of Krakow were eager to help me dive into depths of the city’s party spots. You can stumble from pub, to café to nightclub for many nights in Old Town and there’ll still be a ton of great places waiting to be discovered, so many places and so little time.

After many hours of relentless and exhausting research, done only for the benefit of our readers, GirlsGetaway is proud to be able to advise on some of the best hangouts and nightspots in Krakow. I’m sure that there are many more that can and should be added to this list but my liver was just not up to the task! This list is not sorted in any way as I’m afraid that sometime during the testing process my ability to discern minute details was somewhat compromised, all I can tell you is that these are the spots where I had the most fun.

Krakow_2_300Budda Drink and Garden – where else can you sit in a turban and get your zen going while downing the ever popular Polish vodka?

Cynamon Café – the oh so hip cream colored sofas and cool atmosphere belies the oh so potent drinks.

Alchemia – loved the atmosphere In this place, who knew intellectual eggheads could be so much fun?

Prozak – a huge place with two underground levels, definitely the place to dance the night away in Krakow.

Cien – this is one of the top nightclubs for fashionistas in Krakow, a place to see and be seen. Not for the claustrophobic.

Singer Bar – old Singer sewing machines make a comeback in this popular bar.

Jazz Rock Club – metal on metal, or just metal on the wall? Rock on.

Propaganda Pub – When did communism become retro? A great pub that pokes a little fun at Krakow’s communist past.

Where to Stay After the Party?

I stayed at the Sheraton in Krakow, a five star hotel located right on the Vistula river with a great view of Wawel castle. The hotel’s wonderful breakfasts, in-house massages and soothing staff makes it a perfect place for relaxing after experiencing all that Krakow has to offer. Be sure to try ‘Cracow Experience’ massage, an hour of pure bliss.

If you need to just chill and relax, head to the QUBE Lounge in the Atrium, you can surf the internet with the available wifi, this is a great place to recharge your batteries for your next foray into the city.

The Vistual River is located right by the front door of the hotel and beckons guests to stroll or, if you’re feeling energetic, jog along its banks drinking in fresh air and the gorgeous views of Wawel Castle.

If you’ve visited Krakow and have some great suggestions for what to see and where to eat in this lovely city please let us know in the comment section below or post a triptalk!