5 Fun Ways to Travel Locally on Your Next Girls Getaway!

Local Travel Girls Getaway

Time to head out on another girlfriend getaway? Put down that bus schedule. Back away from that cheap car rental. Forget sensible walking shoes. Whether you’re exploring your home state or a foreign city, there are many fun ways to travel that don’t include crowded subways or overpriced taxi fares.

If you’re planning your next trip with the girls, add an extra dash of adventure and try one of these unique methods of vacation transportation.


Vacationing via kayak can really provide the whole package. Enjoy the burn of a good workout while taking in the uniquely up-close-and-personal views kayaking can provide. Get away from the beaten path while making unforgettable memories.

While it would be easy to spend an afternoon kayaking as part of a larger trip, why not travel exclusively by kayak for your entire adventure? The Earth is filled with a multitude of awe-inspiring locales, so why not pair that gorgeous view with a unique mode of transportation? Even familiar, local settings can be made new when viewed from a different perspective.


Every mode of travel has its own air, its own attitude and a certain je ne sais quoi. If you’re looking to add an extra punch of personality to your travels, consider touring a city, region or country by Vespa.

Although the compact, zippy little Vespa fits the bill for multiple locales, there is something especially picturesque and romantic about the thought of zipping around Italy, Greece or a Mediterranean isle on a sporty little Vespa. If you can get your hands on a vintage Vespa, that’s even better.

Can’t make it across the sea for a Vespa-fueled European vacation? No problem. Harness that Vespa aura and bring a little European flair to any location from a new city to a local getaway.

Sports Car

Vacations are a chance to follow your dreams, experiment, take a break from reality or invent a new persona. In other words, let loose and have fun. Why spend your vacation in the same old beater you’ve always driven?

If you’re going to treat yourself to an adventure, do it in style. Don’t spend your vacation packed on public transport. Instead, spend it cruising the streets in some kind of head-turning sports car. If you’ve always dreamed of owning a Ford Mustang, go for a test drive and rent one for your next vacation. Or go wild, stop making excuses and just buy one.

Hot Air Balloon

Who said you had to limit yourself to earthbound adventures? Why not soar above the crowds as you enjoy a bird’s-eye view of some of the world’s most amazing natural and man-made sights?

Forget trains, planes and automobiles and go with hot air balloons for your next adventure. Whether you want to view the wonders of one of the fifty states or the wild African plains, the icy reaches of Greenland or the familiarity of a neighboring city, there is a hot air balloon adventure out there with your name on it.


Almost every girl goes through a horse-crazed stage sometime during elementary or middle school. Why not bring back a little of that magic and vacation on horseback?

No matter your level of riding experience, there is a horse-centric vacation just for you. Take a guided trail ride or visit a dude ranch. Join a group or head out on your own. Brave a multi-day trek or simply see how far you can travel in a day.

Take along that battered Saddle Club novel and get in touch with your inner horse whisperer. Your muscles may ache, but there’s nothing like the bond you form as you put your trust in the sure-footedness of these beautiful, powerful animals.

Don’t look at getting from Point A to Point B as a chore to speed through. Take your vacations to the next level and make the actual travel a unique and memorable part of your adventure.

Kayla Matthews is a writer and blogger who contributes to Girl’s Getaway, AFAR Magazine and The Huffington Post. Follow Kayla on Google+ and Twitter.