Contest: Fly Away to Europe with Air Transat

April 2015

Air Transat Online Auction

Are you dreaming about heading to Europe this year? Your vacation may be a tweet away.

Air Transat has decided to inject a little fun into their latest contest. Contestants will be given a chance to test their knowledge of a few select European cities, a high score not only gives you something to brag about on Facebook, but it also helps decrease the starting bid on the auction phase of this contest. What’s up for auction? Why, the cities you were quizzed on of course! For one day and one day only, contestants will able to bid for the chance to win a flight or flights from several major Canadian cities to some of Europe’s top destinations.

So, are you ready to bid on your dream flight to Europe?

Spark up your computer on April 23, head over to the Transat Auction website, and hopefully you’ll end up with the winning bid for your flight choice during the #TransatAuction.

The bidding starts at 12pm and each auction lasts 30 minutes, so be there as soon as the lot you’re interested in goes up for bids!

Things you need to do before the auctions starts:

1. Make sure you have a Twitter account

2. Follow @airtransat on Twitter

3. Decide which flights you want to bid on. Yes, you can bid on more than one, Woohoo! Head over to the Auction website for all the juicy details.

Good luck and have fun playing the #Transatauction!

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