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March 2015

Blue Mosque Isanbul

The final five. Breena, Sylvie, Brian, Maiuran, and Sabrina. Five finalists and five wonderful stories that have won our hearts as well as an opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to win a luxurious trip to Turkey with their own personal VIP.

A panel of judges at Turkish Airlines and Aréoports de Montréal have selected the 5 finalists who will have a chance to take their travel VIP on an ultimate holiday experience to Istanbul Turkey. They picked the most original and creative entries out of the thousands received. Click here to find out all about this exciting contest.

Who makes the final decision of who goes and who stays?

You do! Vote Now! Remember only one vote per day will be counted as valid.

Who will you vote for this extra special VIP travel experience to Istanbul? Who has won your heart with their story?

#TKMontreal Contest

1. Breena: After the loss of her father, Breena’s mother has been a constant in her life. The last two years have been a struggle for Breena, and the one person who is always there, day or night, is her mom. Breena wants to pay back the love and devotion by taking her mom on this luxurious trip to Turkey. Vote for Breena now and help her realize her dreams today.

2. Sylvie: Sylvie’s VIP travel person is her sister. From a young age she has taken care of Sylvie and now she is caring for her own children. She is so generous with her love and time; there is little time for just the two sisters to travel together. Sylvie would love to experience some magical moments with her sister in Istanbul! Vote for Sylvie today and create some travel magic in her life!

3. Brian: Brian and his wife have been married for a wonderful 35 years, but they’ve never had a honeymoon! Brian would love to take his wife on this trip to celebrate their life together as well as exploring the historic culture of Istanbul. Vote for Brian today and give him and his wife their well-deserved honeymoon!

4. Maiuran: Maiuran nominates his mother as his VIP travel person. She has always generously opened her home to international visitors and family but rarely gets to travel herself. She also misses time spent with her sons now that they have both moved away from home. Mairun would love for his mom to experience the epicenter of Eurasia, to relax and not worry about family for a short while. Vote for Maiuran today and grant him his wish to create lasting memories of one on one time together with his mom.

5. Sabrina: Sabrina’s aunt has been her caregiver since both of her parents passed away when she was young. She has been there for all of Sabrina’s little and major milestones, parent–teacher nights, getting a driver’s license, prom, and graduation. Vote for Sabrina now and help her create a new, exciting travel milestone for her aunt to thank her for all she has done for her during her lifetime.

The final winner of the contest will be announced on March 25, 2015. Good luck to all the finalists and don’t forget to vote for your favourite finalist and help them win their Istanbul dream trip with their VIP person!

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