Planning a Girls’ Weekend in Banff Alberta

August 2014

Thinking of heading to Banff for a great girls’ weekend this summer? There are lots of ways to plan an Alberta getaway, but there are a few tips that every group of girls should know.

Expedia‘s Travel Smart expert, Sarah Gavin, gives our readers the lowdown on what to do in Banff during the summer season. Hint – it’s all about sun and spa. Check out these two videos before heading out to the Rockies for some not to miss warm weather activities in and around Banff National Park and Lake Louise.

Fondue Party at Lake Louise and Gondola Rides in Banff National Park

Who doesn’t love fondue? Combined with a stunning view of the Rockies, Banff Fairmont creates the perfect setting for a long chatty dinner out with the girls.

Hike up the mountain or a gondola ride? I know which one I would choose…

To find out more about Lake Louise and Banff, fondues and gondolas, watch the video below with Expedia’s Sarah Gavin.

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