Eating Italy Food Tour in Rome: A Delicious Girls Getaway

March 2014

Food Tour in Rome Italy

I thought I would be guaranteed good food everywhere in Rome Italy, but I was wrong. Like most major cities, Rome restaurants and food run the gamut of the good, the bad and the ugly.

To avoid getting stuck eating a high priced piece of cardboard mistakenly labeled as pizza, recommends you book a food tour on one of your first days in Rome. On our recent trip to the eternal city we were lucky enough to tag along on an Eating Italy Food Tour, The Taste of Testaccio. It was one of the highlights of our visit to Rome.

Eating Italy Food Tour in RomeThe Testaccio neighborhood of Rome is proud of its working class background, tracing it back the ancient food trade along the Tiber River, three blocks away. Today, it is fast becoming known as city’s foodie district, and is the place to go for traditional, original Roman food. The Eating Italy tour of the neighborhood takes you off the beaten tourist path to experience an authentic Italian way of life, with visits to butcher shops, bakeries, restaurants, and a food market.

The four-hour walking tour includes liberal samplings of pizza, bruschetta, prosciutto, salami, sheep’s milk cheese with truffle, buffalo mozzarella, pasta, tiramisu in a chocolate cup (YUM!), cannoli and gelato. The guides balance the foodie portion of the tour with enough walking to make you feel almost virtuous about trying out all of the samplings. You get to explore Testaccio landmarks such as the Pyramid of Caius Cestius, a beautiful cemetery where the English poet John Keats was buried and take quick peek at the outdoor art installations on display at MACRO, a modern art gallery housed in what was once a 19th century slaughterhouse.

You’ll also learn critically important information on how to tell the difference between real and fake gelato, and how to properly drink from one of Rome’s 2,500 public water fountains.

Here are a few delicious photos from our Taste of Testaccio Food Tour:

Pizza! Glorious pizza.

Pizza in Rome

The best cannoli I’ve tasted. EVER. Sweet Street Food by Dess’Art in the Testaccio Market.

Best Cannoli in Rome Italy

Beautiful headstone found in the Non Catholic Cemetery in Testaccio.

Testaccio Non Catholic Cemetery

After participating in the Taste of Testaccio Food Tour in Rome Italy, I made a discovery. I am now certain that the four main food groups in Italy are: Pizza, Pasta, Cannoli and Gelato. And I’m proud to say I stuck to those 4 food groups during the rest of my stay in Italy.

The Taste of Testaccio Food Tour lasts about four hours, and costs 65 Euros per person, including tastings.

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