A GirlsGetaway How To: Drinking from a Rome Water Fountain

March 2014

Photo Credit: Laszio-Photo

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, and that includes sipping cool, fresh, clean water from the city’s 2500+ public water fountains. The question is how to do this without looking like a doofus or projecting your bottom out for easy pinching.

During a food tour in Rome we learned a handy trick to help avoid embarrassing stooping positions at a water fountain. If you plug the end of the spout with your thumb, the water will spurt out of a tiny hole at the top, perfect for sipping. Our guide from Eating Italy tours, Sarah, demonstrates the right way to stoop and sip.

Watch the pro in action.

Rome Public Drinking Fountain

Click here for a map of public water fountains in Rome.

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