Denver: A Luxurious Escape…into the Bathroom

August 2012

Girlfriend Getaway Denver Colorado

Last month, I had the pleasure of visiting the Four Seasons Denver. The entire hotel pulsed with energy and luxury. The lobby – gorgeous. The staff – incredibly attentive. The restaurant – delicious.

The bathroom? Life-changing. Exquisite. I am at a loss for words. I would never have imagined that the pinnacle of travel could be experienced in a bathroom.

You might not think of a bathroom being the ultimate symbol of luxury, but once you’ve experienced the pinnacle of bathroom elegance and ease, it’s hard to return to your boring old privy.

For starters, there are the sinks. White porcelain with modern lovely silver taps that filter out water in a gorgeous stream. Did I mention that there is a light switch that makes the sinks glow in the dark? Oh yes. If you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of night and don’t want your eyes to be flooded with harsh, bright light, you can just switch on the sinks. How did I ever live without this?

Girls Trip Denver ColoradoThe shower was encased in marble with a glass door and generous rain shower. After soaking in heaven – er, I mean the shower – I wrapped myself in a thick white terry robe and daydreamed about how I would look when the paparazzi descended on me. When I considered this, I realized that maybe I should change out of my robe before then.

Then there was the tub. I should mention that the tub faced an electronic bathroom mirror that had a television inside of it. Not inside of it in a cheesy, mounted kind of way – but inside of it in a transparent, floating sort of way. Before getting in the tub, I flipped through the channels and found something worth sighing over – Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly, one of my favorite movies and the PERFECT bathtub movie. I filled up the tub with fragrant bubbles, turned up the volume and sank into a gloriously relaxing moment. There have been few pleasures that I have experienced like watching Mr. Darcy say “I love you, and you must know – you have bewitched me body and soul” while being in a huge, deep tub with a water feature that keeps the tub at the perfect temperature – always hot, never warm.

Honestly – I have never truly envied the rich and famous until I experienced the bathrooms at the Four Seasons Denver. Now, I’m not sure how I will ever go back to just being plain ol’ me in my boring too short tub, with my dark sinks and my lack of being able to watch the Bennett girl adventures while in the bathroom.

Looks like I’ll just have to work on being famous. Thanks a lot, Four Seasons Denver. Travel can be about seeing the world, or it can be just about seeing your toes poking out of some bubbles. Either way, it’s good for the soul.

3 thoughts on “Denver: A Luxurious Escape…into the Bathroom

  1. No kidding! The bathroom is the most private place, so it’s best if you can indulge in there besides regular bathroom activities. The more luxurious a hotel is, the more luxurious the bathroom becomes. So you can usually rate a hotel’s service and convenience just by looking at the bathroom. My favorites are private outdoor bathtubs!
    XO Suzy

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