Girls Getaway to Niagara on the Lake

Pillar and Post, Niagara on the Lake Girls Getaway

Spas and Desserts at Vintage Hotels

Colleen, the concierge for Vintage Resorts in Niagara on the Lake, described it as a “peanut butter chocolate tower of delight.” She was telling me in loving, mouth-watering detail about a dessert she had at the Tiara restaurant located at the Queen’s Landing, one of Vintages’ three hotels in Niagara (Queens Landing, Pillar and Post, and Prince of Wales). I decided two things immediately, I was getting my butt over to the restaurant and I was going to experience this dessert. After all, it had the two components required for a top dessert, peanut butter and chocolate, and preferably lots of both.

But it was not to be! Colleen went to book the reservation and discovered that the restaurant was closed for an event. What event could have been more important than me up close and personal with the chocolate tower of delight I ask? My stomach and I were very disappointed.

tower of peanut butter cupsI think Colleen could sense the disappointment oozing out of me and she suggested a back up plan. The restaurant at the Vintage Resort’s Pillar and Post Hotel was also a wonderful choice, she said. Since my sister and I were booked for a spa day at the Pillar, she thought we could end the day there with a meal. Did it also have the tower of delight dessert? I asked. “No,” Colleen answered slowly… “But let me see what I can do.” I nodded, but was a little confused. Was she going to build me a tower of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups?

I shook my head to clear out the yummy image of towering multitudes of PB cups and went off to experience the Pillar and Post Spa with my sister. Dessert was soon forgotten.

Spa Day at the Pillar and Post in Niagara

Pillar and Post’s 100 Fountain Spa, was voted the #1 spa (Spas of America 2011) in Canada and it’s easy to see why. After a multi million-dollar renovation in 2006 the spa radiates with luxurious tranquility. The spa is an enormous 13,000 square feet, and with 12 treatment rooms, a spacious salon with 6 self-massage pedicure chairs and 6 manicure stations, it’s ideal for bridal parties or girlfriend getaways.

Tucked away on the lower level of the hotel, the spa feels completely removed from the daily bustle of a busy hotel. It feels polished yet rustic. Serene and all natural. I could feel the tension start to seep out of my muscles as soon as I checked in and headed to the relaxation lounge with a glass of Niagara wine in my hand.

My sister and I were each scheduled for a 50-minute Swedish massage and when my treatment was over, I felt as if I could sleep for a week. We met later for manicures and pedicures and, of course, more wine. After all we were in wine country!

We ended our spa day with a visit to the outdoor hot springs surrounded by a beautiful little garden and cascading waterfall. This is the star attraction of the spa, and a definite must for anyone visiting 100 Fountain.

100 Fountains Spa, Niagara on the LakeThe 12-person mineral infused pool, located next to the spa’s lounge, rests at the bottom of a pretty stone grotto, and the experience of relaxing in this little oasis with the requisite glass (plastic of course) of wine was sublime. We were both content to drift away the remainder of the afternoon at the hot springs and pool until it was time to dress for our dinner at the hotel’s Cannery restaurant.

Dining in at the Pillar and Post

The Cannery restaurant at Pillar and Post is an elegant but cozy restaurant and the house specialty is steak, very good steaks. I made an exception in my no red meat diet and ordered the bacon wrapped beef tenderloin, my sister ordered the house signature dish, the Cajun Striploin…. My, oh my, we were in carnivore bliss.

We finished our dinner and our waiter approached our table with a little smile on his face. “I hope you have room for dessert,” he said, “because there’s a little something special waiting for you in the kitchen.”

Just Desserts in Niagara on the Lake

Peanut Butter Tower, Tiara Restaurant Queens Landing Niagara on the LakeColleen, bless her heart had arranged to have Tiara’s Pastry Chef Carol Learn’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Tower made for us, and with a flourish, out it came to our table. We felt so special and I was thrilled. I realized this is what separates a good hotel from a great hotel. The willingness and the ability to allow staff to go the extra step, to make the effort to make guests happy and maybe even thrill them with the unexpected.

We were full but it didn’t matter, we ate every bite. It was truly a peanut butter chocolate tower of delight and deliciousness. What a perfect ending to a perfect girls trip to Niagara On The Lake. Thanks to Colleen and the Pillar and Post Hotel.