Mexican Market: Things to Do in Cancun

October 2011

Market 28 in Cancun Mexico

Have you ever been to a Mexican Market? Next time you travel to Cancun be sure to check out Market 28. It’s easy to get to from the hotel strip (R2 or R15 Bus) and it’s a fun thing to do on your next girlfriend getaway in Mexico!

Tips for Shopping in a Mexican Market

1. Be prepared to BARGAIN! Learn the art of walking away and you may score some great deals. Market sellers haggle, go with the flow, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the challenge!

2. Know your prices. Know the fair market value for tequila, hammocks, blankets, pottery, jewelry etc. before heading to the market.

3. Pay with cash, never EVER hand over your credit card when dealing with street vendors. Carry small bills, ones and fives, making change is not a priority for vendors.

4. Pay with pesos, and know your conversion rates. As a rule of thumb, you should be able to bargain the price of most items to a 1/3 to 1/2 of the original asking price, remember tip #1 and if they do not give in, just continue walking.

5. Would you buy ‘top-quality’ jewelry at a flea market at home? Same in Mexico.

One thought on “Mexican Market: Things to Do in Cancun

  1. Thanks for sharing this info about shopping at Mexican markets! Its always good to be knowledgeable when shopping in foreign countries and i bet you can find some pretty cute and inexpensive things.

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