Some of Our Favorite Things in Chiapas, Mexico

Chiapas is off the beaten path in Mexico, tucked away in the southern most portion of the country, it’s known for its old colonial cities, large indigenous population, beautiful textiles, and Mayan ruins. Here are a few of our favorite things in Chiapas:

Early Morning Light

On our first full day in San Cristobal Mexico, the beautifully warm morning light got us out of the hotel well before breakfast. It was a perfect time to explore. The pretty little colonial Chiapas city was quiet, the crowds, cars and people were yet to appear. We shared the calm stillness of dawn with a relaxed street dog hanging out in the deserted city square.

Dog in the Early Morning Light - San Cristobal

Mayan Crosses and the Color Blue

According to ancient Mayan tradition, the world consists of three interconnected domains: the supramundo (above-world, heavens, or sky), the middle world (earth), and the inframundo, or underworld.

San Cristobal de las Casas

Earth, where east meets west (and south and north), is the place that is inhabited by humans. It’s represented in the Mayan culture by the color blue (sky)-green (trees) or turquoise, and is also the color of choice for Mayan crosses seen today in Chiapas. These crosses predate the Christian cross by many centuries.

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