SlideShow: Meet Fairmont’s Dog Ambassadors

September 2011

Smudge, Fairmont St. Andrews Scotland

Smudge, a three year old golden Labrador, was originally trained to be a guide dog with Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind. Unable to overcome distraction while working, she switched careers and is currently enjoying her second posting as a canine ambassador at Fairmont’s St. Andrew’s Resort in Scotland.

Fun Facts About Smudge

  • Smudge recently followed her chief human, Garrett Turta, from Fairmont’s Algonquin in Canada to her new Fairmont home overseas and is busy trying to understand commands flavored with Scottish brogue.
  • The Algonquin Resort, where Smudge started her career as a canine ambassador is located in St Andrews-by-the-Sea in New Brunswick and her new digs are located in St. Andrews Bay, Scotland. Sometimes Smudge gets confused.

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