SlideShow: Meet Fairmont’s Dog Ambassadors

September 2011

Mavis and Beau, Fairmont Vancouver

Mavis holds court in the Fairmont Vancouver’s lobby with her friend and cuddle partner, Beau. Both dogs are Yellow Labrador Golden Retrievers and BC Guide Dog trainees who found their first calling in the hospitality industry.

The dogs are delighted with their new appointment as official “taste-testers” for Hotel Vancouver’s Pet Menu. They’ve given paws up to the Organic Venison and Cranberry Pepperoni dog treats, but aren’t quite as fond of the Succulent Salmon Stew for Cats.

Fun Facts About Mavis and Beau

  • Mavis is the most senior of Fairmont’s canine ambassadors. She’s 10 years old and has been working at the hotel since 2002.
  • Coming to work in the morning is one of Mavis’s favorite part of her day, and we’re pretty convinced it’s not only because of the butcher shop in the hotel – the chefs always have special treats for her!
  • One of Beau’s favorite activities is visiting the Fairmont Store in the lobby of the hotel and stealing the stuffed animals and slippers. He then runs around the hotel lobby hoping to get chased by his Mom. Guests always enjoy watching this drama.

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