SlideShow: Meet Fairmont’s Dog Ambassadors

September 2011

Edie, Fairmont Resort Pittsburg

Edie, a white boxer/labrador retriever and newest member of Fairmont’s canine team, is a very popular girl. With television interviews, a write up on and her very own facebook page, Edie’s has had an exciting first month at Pittsburg’s Fairmont Resort but she’s never too busy for walk or cuddle with hotel guests.

Fun Facts About Edie

  • Edie was born in March 2010, the same month that Fairmont Pittsburgh opened its doors!
  • Edie’s name was inspired by Edie Sedgwick, an American actress best known for starring in several of Pittsburgh native Andy Warhol’s short films in the 1960s.
  • Edie has a bent tail. When she was a puppy, Edie was hit by a car and was very sick before being rescued by Circle Tail, an organization that provides service dogs and hearing dogs to people with disabilities. Her tail healed crooked, but it doesn’t hurt and certainly can wag a lot!

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