Zipline Adventures in Cancun

June 2011

I looked up, way up and thought to myself “oh no, I can’t do this.” ‘This’ was a gynormus tree house structure (think Swiss Family Robinson on steroids) where, in the next couple of minutes, I would be climbing to start my ‘Travel Bloggers Zipline Adventure’ in Cancun Mexico. I don’t like heights, even elevators freak me out and here I was, looking at climbing up some 20,000ft (at least!) via tiny wooden walkways, so that I can get up close and personal with my fears. I wanted to back out, I wanted to head back to my Dreams Riviera Cancun resort, sit by the pool and drink one, two, hmmm maybe three, cool margaritas. The last place I wanted to be, at that moment, was at Selvatica, Mexico’s top rated Adventure Park. Instead of chickening out, I took a deep breath, and like the Nike commercial I decided to “Just Do It.” Did I have fun? Yes, indeedy! Would I do it again? For sure!

Selvatice - Zip Line Adventure in CancunSelvatica = Adventure

Soaring high up over the Mexican jungle, I zipped from station to station becoming more and more comfortable as the morning progressed, I relaxed, and learned the ropes so to speak. Figuring out how to stop was one of the more important skills to know, I quickly discovered, after nearly bowling over the guide on our first station! In all we zipped along 12 stations, and by the last one I was a pro and having a blast. I wasn’t quite brave enough to try hanging upside down on the line but April, from the ZipSetGo Travel Group, had no such fears. The guides (Mexican hotties I might add) were there with us all the way, helping, encouraging, and making sure we all had a great experience.

It seemed to end all too soon but we were not done yet. Next on the agenda was a visit to the local cenote, a natural sinkhole filled to the brim with cool, crystal clear blue water and surrounded on all sides with a craggy crop of gray rock, the ideal place to hang out after getting all hot and sweaty on the zip lines. The cenote at Selvatica is like a dressed up version of your local swimming hole, and it comes equipped with a T bar attached to a zip line, just the right thing for practicing that perfect belly flop.

Watch some of my brave travel buddies – the Zip Set Go Girls try out their jumping skills at the cenote. Needless to say, I was happy to just paddle around and shout encouragement from the sidelines!

The Facts: The “Extreme Canopy Adventure” is a five-hour tour that includes riding a circuit of 12 ziplines, swimming at a freshwater sink hole (cenote) and a light lunch. The tour is offered three times daily and is suitable for anyone 3 and older.

On Wednesdays, Selvatica offers a “Night Flight Adventure” in which you take the zipline circuit after dark, with paths through the jungle lit by Mayan torches. The ziplining adventure is followed by a three course dinner under the stars.

For all of the tours, Selvatica recommends wearing light clothing, sunglasses, a hat and comfortable shoes. Bring a swimsuit and towel for the cenote swim, in the interest of keeping the cenote clean and pure Selvatica asks guests to only use biodegradable sunscreen and insect repellent while at the park.

A special thank you to the Mexican Tourism Bureau for inviting us to experience adventure in Mexico!

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