Cooking Course in Jamaica: Farm to the Table Classes

June 2011

Cookery Course in Jamaica: Hotel Mocking Bird Hill

One of’s favorite Jamaican hotels is offering a Cooking Course this summer. If you’re looking to experience some seriously delicious food and better yet, learn how to make it, you should check this out:

Time to Learn Creative Jamaican Cuisine in Jamaica’s North East Coast

The award-winning Hotel Mocking Bird Hill in Port Antonio, Jamaica, is launching its new Creative Jamaican Cookery Course, designed for individuals who want to combine acquiring the knowledge & skills of one of the Caribbean’s most exciting and tantalizing fusion cuisines with an opportunity to enjoy Jamaica’s tranquil lush North East coast.

The course is aimed at those who prefer to sharpen their culinary skills on a small one-2-one level or with a couple of friends while enjoying plenty of warm hospitality. Guests will be guided on a unique and diverse off-the-beaten-path seasonal experience, connecting ingredients with independent small producers and a cultural history that fuses Arawak, Spanish, British, West African, Chinese & Indian roots into an exciting cuisine with some of the most interesting and varied cooking techniques and spice combinations.

Traditional Jamaican cuisine doesn’t involve intercontinental food miles, it relies on the freshest of local ingredients that are predominantly either organic or bio-dynamic through careful use of the land and co-planting. This is why some of the cooking classes in this course are conducted at the sites where ingredients are grown or fished, including beachside and a rustic setting in the Blue Mountains with the Maroon Community, helping to get to know all parts of Jamaican culture.

The 12-day course is a 2-center cookery holiday which includes 3 nights at Green Castle Estate, a 1600 acre historic plantation, to help jettison the jet-lag. The other nights will be spent at eco-boutique Mocking Bird Hill, winners of Responsible Tourism’s Best Hotel for the Environment 2010 and recent recipients of a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor. The hotel’s restaurant Mille Fleurs was awarded Jamaica’s “Best Kept Secret” by the Jamaican Observer, so not only will guests enjoy how to cook Jamaican cuisine they will eat possibly some of the very best offered on the island.

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