Four OffBeat Atlanta Experiences

April 2011

Four Offbeat Atlanta Experiences

Been to the Aquarium, done with the World of Coke, and wondering what else there is to do in Atlanta? Why not try some these offbeat, unusual and downright awesome activities on your next girlfriend getaway to the city. So grab the girls and get exploring Atlanta’s coolest neighborhoods, rich history and outdoor activities.

ATL Cruzers - Electric Car Tour of AtlantaA Funky Little Ride – Atlanta Electric Car Tours

Take a tour of Midtown (aka the ‘Sex in the City’ part of town) and downtown Atlanta on one of ATL-Cruzers 5 passenger “Electric” cars. Whether you’re looking to learn about Atlanta’s rich history, or just want to enjoy an eco-friendly ride on a beautiful day or evening, this is a pretty cool way of traveling around town. Atlanta’s new très chic way to go green!

Experience Atlanta on Two Wheels With Atlanta Bike Tours

What better way to stop and smell the magnolias than by a leisurely bike ride through Atlanta’s historic neighborhoods? Robyn Elliot, voted one of the best tour guides in the USA, has been offering bike tours in Atlanta for the past three years. Tours depart daily from the company’s headquarters in the Studioplex, and all tours are specifically geared to enjoying the city on two wheels, not as a warm up to the Tour de France.

Our favorite tours:

Heart of the City Tour

Bike through Sweet Auburn, Inman Park, check out the ‘other side of the tracks’ in Cabbage Town while your tour guide introduces you to many of the signature and historic sites in Atlanta, visit some of the most beautiful neighborhoods built during Reconstruction and many hidden jewels off the beaten path.

Progressive Dinner Bicycle Tour

Exercise and eating go hand in hand right? Robyn has figured this out and now offers a unique way to see the city while experiencing some of the most amazing restaurants around town. During each tour, two restaurants are showcased from their 10 culinary partners, the samplings of food are mighty fine and no one goes home hungry!

Oakland Cemetery Tour

Oakland Cemetery is one of Atlanta’s most visited and unique attractions. There are 70,000 people buried in the cemetery and David Moore, Executive Director of the Historic Oakland Foundation, believes that every one of them has a story to tell.

The best way to see the cemetery and to get the most out of your visit is to take one of the popular weekend guided walking tours. For 2011 the tours will be available from March 12 through November 27. All tours begin at the Visitors Center/Museum Shop located at the Bell Tower building.

In May Oakland will be hosting the Tunes From The Tombs: A Weekend of Music and Spirits

(May 21 & 22 11:00am – Dusk)

A weekend-long event featuring musicians and buskers performing in and among Oakland’s extraordinary monuments, mausoleums and lovely gardens, you couldn’t ask for a better place to tune in, and perhaps even to tune out!

Take a Hike up Stone Mountain

If climbing up a mountain on a hot day doesn’t really appeal, Stone Mountain Park, home to the world’s largest piece of exposed granite, offers up some cooler activities. You can ride on the scenic railroad, tour the lake on a paddlewheel boat or catch the breeze on the skyride to the top of the mountain.

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  1. Tell it like it is. Okay, to be truthful, I’ve never been to Atlanta but the word “offbeat” caught my eye so I had click and see what’s offbeat in the big A. The electric car tours look kind of cool but Tunes from the Tombs takes the cake in terms of offbeat. Buskers and mausoleums- who’da thunk?

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