Pampered Perfection in Miami

May 2010


I recently had the opportunity to visit Ritz-Carlton’s Miami Moderne (MiMo) hotel property in South Beach and the hotel scores top marks for ensuring that guests are coddled and taken care of from the second they enter the spectacular lobby with its curved wall of polished cherry wood until the day of departure. Departing from the Ritz-Carlton is such sweet sorrow because one knows that real life awaits once you leave the hotel and it doesn’t include a tanning butler, a luxurious 16,000 square foot Spa, a beachfront restaurant in South Beach, VIP cabanas and, best of all, exclusive Club Level rooms.

The Ritz-Carlton is the only hotel on South Beach to offer Club Level rooms to visitors and I’ll let you in on a little secret that a few smart women have figured out – the Club Level rooms are perfect for a “let’s blow it all” luxe girl’s getaway in Miami. While staying at the hotel I was lucky enough to run into a group of women who had decided to indulge in a Club Level room and they loved it. They told me that if you spend a little extra for this upgrade you get a pretty big bang for your buck.

miamiSB5_300_roomGuestrooms of the Club Level include use of a luxurious lounge, which offers private check-in and concierge services, wireless internet access, awesome views of Miami Beach, and, what I loved most, five daily food and beverage servings plus CHAMPAGNE served throughout the day. The food offered in the Lounge meets Ritz-Carlton’s higher standards of hotel services; guests are presented with a scrumptious Continental Breakfast each morning, and for the rest of the day, the Lounge puts out a delicious and delectable array of time appropriate ‘petit dejeuners’.

Think about it, this means that while in Miami you don’t need to lay out all sorts of extra cash on eating out or buying those pricey drinks. You can save that money for the more important stuff like shopping, going to the spa or dancing the night away at one of Miami’s top nightclubs and maybe one spectacular meal out. Also by going in on a hotel room with a few women it means that you can keep the costs down. Now, of course, it still will be pricey, but at the Ritz-Carlton you know that your girl’s getaway in Miami will be pampered perfection. And isn’t that the point of a girl’s getaway? Pampered, perfect girl time fun…

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