Picking the Right Tour Company

November 2009

Cheers; you are ready to go traveling independently and perhaps wonder just where to begin. There are a myriad of choices and it can be overwhelming to attempt to sort out the best women’s travel company for your style of travel. To help transform your travel dreams into reality, the following tips are points to consider when choosing a tour.

  • Traveling alone has its advantages; however, I have found most women prefer the company and camaraderie of a small group. Tours vary widely so it is important to find a women’s travel company that meets your travel style, interests and activity level. A small group offers greater opportunity for interaction with fellow travelers, locals and guides. Friendships are a part of a woman’s traveling experience. If you are divorced, single or widowed, traveling with a group of women can be lots more fun than traveling alone or with couples. New friends are made and common threads continue to weave throughout the times together. In the last decade, companies for women only travels have emerged and women’s travel has gained considerable momentum.

  • The itinerary is the essence of a wonderful trip. Slower travel is an emerging trend. Many companies, however, are still trying to cover too much territory in a short amount of time. Everything becomes a blur and much of your holiday is spent riding on a big bus and packing and unpacking as you continually move from hotel to hotel. Is that what you really want? Perhaps not.

  • Look carefully at the trip details. How many nights in each location? What landmarks or cities or towns are to be explored? What activities are planned? Is there time for your independent exploration and discoveries? Tours that are packed to the brim are exhausting both physically and visually. A slower, more thoughtful pace is something I totally encourage you to consider when selecting your trip. I strongly recommend choosing a shorter quality tour over a longer more budget oriented package. Check to see what is included and what isn’t. Get a sense if you will have authentic local experiences that create enduring memories.

  • When to go is just as important as where to go. To avoid hordes of travelers, consider traveling in the shoulder seasons. Europe is best discovered in spring or autumn. Our national parks are far less crowded before or after schools are out. The Caribbean in hurricane season can be an adventure or an unfortunate disaster. Choose wisely when to travel and remember Life is Short, Travel Well.




Peggy Coonley is an expert in women’s travel and is the founder of Serendipity Traveler in Massachusetts providing savvy women enriching travels with personally handcrafted itineraries.

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