Lonely Planet Travel Books – Christmas Gift Tip

November 2009

LonelyPlanetBookI want to share a cost savings tip to all of our loyal readers. Christmas is fast coming up and so I was looking around the internet for great bargains in travel gifts for my daughter who is moving to Europe in January.

I discovered that Lonely Planet is offering a great incentive for Christmas, order a book online and the shipping is FREE! Wow, pretty impressive! I always buy books for friends and family, they make awesome presents but I truly hate paying for shipping.

I bought Sarah Lonely Planet’s “Europe on a Shoestring”, all the time thinking ok, they are going to sneak in a charge someplace to cover the costs of shipping but to my amazement the purchase went through, no tricks, no additional charges, no minimum book purchases. Love it!

Here’s the copy of my completed order:

Order Details:

(1) Europe on a Shoestring 6

Price: US $27.99


Product Total: US $27.99

Shipping: US $0.00


Total Purchase: US $27.99


If you love travel books or want to buy one for someone special on your Christmas list – go to Lonely Planet and save yourself a little cash this season!

Click on the link below for free shipping on Lonely Planet Books:

Lonely Planet Guidebooks

PS Please, nobody tell Sarah what I got her for Christmas!

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