Volcano Pampering – The Total Spa Experience!

August 2009


I don’t know about you, but I love to be pampered! Yet, I’m kind of over the regular spas that have incense burning in a corner and new-agey music playing in the background.

I want something different. And if you’re like me and my friends, you and your girlfriends are going to love this place.

The Springs Resort and Spa by Volcano Arenal in Costa Rica will blow your mind! There will be no reason to go anywhere else. This is how you get here: Fly into San Jose, Costa Rica. From here you can either take a domestic flight to the La Fortuna airport, or get a private driver, which will drive you directly to the resort. Personally I love the drive; it allows me to learn all about the new place I’m visiting.

Did you know that Volcano Arenal is one of the top ten most active volcanoes in the world? Because of this amazing phenomenon the surrounding areas benefit from its rich soil and naturally heated springs. The hot springs are a perfect combination of rain water, minerals, and climate that make it a perfect way to relax.

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