Cruise Your Way to a Good Time!

August 2009


One of the best trips my girlfriends and I did was to take a full-day cruise with Calypso Cruises to Tortuga Island in Costa Rica!

As we boarded the catamaran on a perfectly gorgeous morning, we were greeted by the crew with tropical fruit drinks and cocktails and an assortment of exotic refreshments that were too tasty for my own good! The cruise slowly passed around seven islands, all gorgeous and isolated from the rest of the world. We took snorkeling breaks, and simply enjoyed the company of each other and the other passengers.

However, that was just a prelude to what was in store for us for the rest of the day!

Around midday we arrived at Tortuga Island, which has the whitest sands in all of Costa Rica! As we got off the boat we were greeted again by the crew (who had got off before us) with cold glasses of white wine or other tropical cocktails.

costarica5While my friends and I explored the island and then did some serious sunbathing, the crew was busy getting the tents out for our meal extraordinaire!

And what a meal it was. Known as a “Traveling Feast”, this was something we never thought would be served on a one-day cruise in Costa Rica. And do you know who the chef was? M. Malaiseau of Chicago’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel! I guess living in Costa Rica and cooking with the most exotic of ingredients was way better than Chicago. I know I’d pick this any day!

So what do you do when you have great sun, white sandy beaches, gourmet food, and a full bar? You dance, that’s what! And with the live band that Calypso uses, you can’t help but move to the beat.

The way home was filled with more fun, lounging, and watching the sun set over the horizon.

The cruise included air-conditioned bus transportation to and from San José, Jacó and Quepos / Manuel Antonio; a Costa Rican typical breakfast; a BBQ lunch served with chilled white wine; soft drinks and fresh fruit; live music, and a multilingual guide.

So for a perfect day Calypso Cruises to Tortuga Island is the way to go!

Marina K. Villatoro is our Costa Rica travel expert, please feel free to contact her for Costa Rica tours, special packages and hotel bookings in San Jose, Jaco or Manual Antonio.

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